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Get Started

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The UX Guide is a collection of tools, templates, and articles that we use internally in our UX work. Most were created by us or other SWS colleagues past and present and some were created by third parties. They can all be helpful to UX work.

Where to start

Where to start depends on where you are in your UX work or project. Below are a number of entry points that might make sense for you, your team, your process, and your time frame. We encourage you to explore each of these areas to help orient yourself to where you are at now.

Know what you don't know

If you are just getting started, the Research pages have some items that should help you discover what problems your users and service actually have. 


Make it Accessible

It is never too early to think about Accessibility and plan how to ensure your service is truly available for everyone.

Design an experience to help your users

Know what problems your service has, the UX Design section has tools and resources to help you solve them in ways that make sense to your service's users.

Create visual hierarchies to support user needs

If you understand your requirements and are ready to start your visual or UI design, the Visual Design section can guide you to components and brand guidelines to speed up your design process.

Actionable content helps people get stuff done

The Writing for the Web section covers writing and organizing your content to make it easy to understand and actionable for your users.